In the Detroit area ?

OK what we have coming up in 30 days rooted clones in rockwool 1.5″ cubes : ten Blue Dream clones $150 for barecube in a bag, $200 planted in soil with 6″ plastic pots. And ten White widow clones $200 for barecube in a bag. “250 planted in soil 6” plastic pots.

there is 14 grams of Bubble hash @ $40.00 a gram.

150.00 an Oz. by the ounce only 1 LEFT. find out how to get this by contact form below, or open a chat. no mail order, no delivery, no Sundays.  Have your hard card MMMP  and ID. I have caregiver change forms

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Jade Berry Bush
Jade Berry Bush

OK what we have on the shelf is Jade Berry bush  

And BBSS only 1 LEFT (bubble gum smellin stuff)

bubblegum smellin stuff