landrace, South Africa, A pure sativa

Pure Durban is native to South Africa from the “Valley of 1000 Hills”, which takes its name from the thousands of green hills that accumulate around the Umgeni River. This landrace grows initially on small hills, which are kept wet with water fog of the near waterfalls. Because of her Sativa landrace and relatively short flowering period she is also suitable for regions with shorter summers.

Pure Durban requires 9-10 weeks of flowering time, and can be harvested in mid-October when grown outdoors. This subtropical Sativa developes long, very resinous buds, which have an intense lime green color with orange and purple paint splashes. The harvests is 550-600g per square meter at the indoor grow and over 850g per plant outdoors. Because of her tremendous growth (120-180cm indoor, outdoor up to 3,5m) it is a good idea to use ScrOG-methods (Screen of Green). She also responds well to SOG. To start an SOG grow make your cuttings from the mother 6" long and root into 2" rockwool cubes place rooted clones in middle of 8" x 8" grid and start flowering 12/12 after five, 20 hour daylight cycles

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