landrace from central Nepal and hybrids

this years seed crop, Grown from seed received last winter
limited stock till the end of Nov. then we will have plenty.

from Nepal. This is a land race so no need to list any possible generation.
well It would be like F10,543 or some such
. this has a very strong immune system and is resistant to powdery mildew, use
this to breed the trait into your hybrids that are very inbred and have bad
immune qualities.

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A cross with pest and mold resistant Nepali landrace, and hybrid strain White Widow. This makes for an easy to grow high producer that is powdery mildew pest resistant White Widow that you love.
over the last 30 years a lot of hybrids here have become weak and prone to mold.
Misty Mountian (White Widow Nepali Cross) Price $85.00 USD One Time Order Now