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Mother Of All Bud (a couch bomb) this is Indica or Kush and in Hindi इंडिका short an Kinda Fat wide hips …
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Bubble Gum Smelling Stuff ya again the name says it all.   Whats in a name? Well about 85 % Panama Red an…
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the classic White Widow has been and always will be one of the great strains. you’re looking at this because it said “White Widow” ,, right. Starts @ $70 for 12 seeds…

This plant is suitable for indoors and out, is easy to grow and a good producer. This one has less Indica and more Sativa…- read more

Durbins Widow
So you know about the poison, and now she laments the death of her lover,
but he was cheating on her. Starts @ $85 for 12 seeds…
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Fast Cali skunk autoflower California Skunk and Lithuanian Ruderalis easy to grow good producer with 16 plants to a sq meter 1/2 pound is…-read more

So when you mate White Widow with Blue Dream the Goddess of strain names called it White Dream. Starts @ $70 for 12 seeds…

Grow this it’s easy.This plant is suitable for indoors and out, a good producer. has the name says this is a fruity flower. Jade berry…-read more

A very nice fast flowering fruit. to 5′ tall, indoors or out, growing this one requires some more effort. gets a bit skunky. this… –read more

Red Dragon Berry Indoors or out, growing this one requires some more effort. gets a bit skunky. this… –read more

@ $80.00 for a 12 pack : in limited supply. Pure Durban is native to South Africa from the “Valley of 1000 Hills”, which takes its name from the thousands of green hills that accumulate around the Umgeni River.
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I am happy , thank you, good business , I have My beans , Will pass the
word like it was pass to Me , & I will holler back @ these prices .


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