The Best set up

The best set up for Mothers I have seen is in Amsterdam, just outside of town. 
Some of the mothers are 19 years old! in their own 2m x 2m x 3m tall glass booths
15 of them. Climite control and lighting are key! See pot plants are just like us they like 60% at night and 
75% in the day time, with an intermittant breeze. so when plants reach 89 92 % they stop growing
and when they are at 52% - 46% they,,, stop growing. So when you need clones you raise the temp slowly over a few days.
then increase the lumens and blue light, she will grow new wands hit her with 2-2-5 at 32000 ppm. Clone the new growth then revert to simi hibenation.

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