Yes you can do this!

here we will talk about regeneration of plants that have been flowered and harvested.
So when you cut buds from a plant that you wish to keep has a mother for cloning, Or to just re-bud.
Trim the plant down to about the first 4 branching nodes or the small branches(that you want to leave
when removing undergrowth) at the beginning of the grow cycle. leave an inch above last node of the main stem.

Then you put the plant/s under 20 or if money permits 24 hours light 36000 k 600 to 750 watts.
this happens in about 7-12 days. Rightclick on image then select "view image" for full scale.

in five days you will see a fatting of the bud leaves.

in ten days you will see a regrowth of leaves and stem. Each budlet that you leave on the plant will grow into a whole branching plant structure.
And now 20 days another week and I will be cutting dozens of clones, and then 100s.just from these 4 seed mothers. 

here is pregenant MOAB bud

ya I smoke this, see even with putting all the energy into making seeds This bud is a couch bomb.

5 to 6 weeks

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