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you need warm soil , place seed 3/8s inch deep add water.

Germinate Marijuana Seeds

The importance of germinating cannabis seeds is high. If seeds become too wet or too dry you can toss them away. So please, in order to germinate your marijuana seeds follow the instructions. The basics that you need are as follow:

  • Two plates
  • Paper
  • Neutral water
  • A mixture 40% sand and 60% soil or 40% vermiculite 30% perlite 30% soil
  • Pots for the plants
  • A fluorescent tube
  • A germination heat matt

Place the seed between some dampened pieces of paper towel. It's highly recommended to use distilled water to germinate your marijuana seeds.


Afterwards, place the marijuana seeds (in the towels) between 2 plates and put it somewhere warm. The best temperature to germinate your cannabis seeds is between 21 and 25 degrees celcius.


Open the plate's only once a day just to have a look. Take note of a tiny white root tip starting to emerge from the marijuana seed. Some cannabis seeds will sprout in a day, while others need a week before they crack open.

Ensure that the towel will not dry out. Put a little bit of water over it every three days.

Once the root has come out of the marijuana seed, you have to put the cannabis seeds in a small pot filled with soil.


Make a little hole in the soil. Holes with half an inch deep are suffice. Plant the marijuana seed with its root facing the hole. Cover the hole with some soil and give it a little bit of water. Make sure the marijuana seeds are still covered with soil after you water them.


Place the pots with the marijuana seeds under a fluorescent lamp and give it a little bit of water every day.

Turn the lights on for about a few hours a day. After 3 to 7 day's, you will see the first few signs of the marijuana plant. The lamp should be at least an inch above the topmost portion of the young cannabis plant in order to avoid burning its leaves.


After 3 to 4 weeks, the marijuana plant should be about 4 inches high and thus big enough to be transferred to a bigger pot. If the temperature allows it, you can now put them outside or place them in your indoor growing room.

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