Aeroponics science 0

nutrient specs, setup

Flowering cycle 0

Now for the fruit

Germinating seeds 2

How to, conditions etc.

Growing cycle plants 0

Now they are making leaves 2 weeks old

Indoor growing 0

How to set up the grow space

Regenerate flowered plants 1

Returning plants to a grow cycle

Seed Mothers/cloning 2

nutrient specs, setup

Soil science 1

nutrient specs, setup

trimming/curing 1

How to Trim fresh


 Yes you can do this!

Hi!here we will talk about regeneration of plants that have been flowered and harvested.So when...

 Getting going

you need warm soil , place seed 3/8s inch deep add water. Germinate Marijuana Seeds The...

 Trimming bush

OK here are 2 vids on trimming  

 What is soil?

What are Soils? The Earth's dynamic skin: Did you know, soils are the dynamic skin of the...

 The Best set up

The best set up for Mothers I have seen is in Amsterdam, just outside of town. Some of the...