Apr 3rd Started on new seed crop!

Now starting White Widow, Blue Dream, and Durbin Poison seed crops, 4 months from now these will be added to the menu!

Oct 8th Started on new seed crop!

so I am doing some Blueberry Red Dragon Fire and Star Killer OG. We will also have a cross of the star Killer and Blueberry Red Dragon Fire I took the famous Blueberry TrainWreck and Back Crossed it with our Frosty Breath of Green Dragon Male Breath of Green Dragon is ((Hindu kush x Afghan kush) x Blueberry TrainWreck)) I ended up with a ... Read More »

Jul 21st Happy customers

I am happy , thank you, good business , I have My beans , Will pass the
word like it was pass to Me , & I will holler back @ these prices .

Jun 18th Thank you for choosing Golden Crow Farm!

Welcome to Golden Crow Farm! You have made a great choice and we want to help you get up and growing as quickly as possible.